Tu Y Yo Kuadrial

Hey We are Students Like Youu!
We Like To Play Like You! :D
We Do Our Homework Like You!
We Like The Computer Like You!
We Have Friends Like You! xD@@
You Understand? We are Like You
But we Have 1 Diferencee
We Help Persons That Realy
Need Help You can Doed
And i Do Yo A Question Why not?
If Yo can What is The Problem
I dont seed You Can Seed?
Pleasee Help That Persons
That Dont Have Food That
Whant To Study!

Please Dont doed For
Us doed For Them! :d@@

Att_Tu y Yo Kuadrial
(Alondra Maxx Betty Martaa)

Oye te preguntamos despues de leer esto depues de ver este video?
Aun sigees pensando en no ayudar que te podria costar
Limitarte a un pequeño gasto aslo sii puedes porque no???!




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